Innovative Methodologies

Here we play. Here we learn. Here we grow

The learning methodologies followed at Sparkling Stars are mostly based on activities. Student well-being and overall happiness are the core focus here. Activity based learning also builds self-awareness, confidence, and the ability to take up tasks by oneself.

Language Skills Development

Early development of communication skills is crucial for a child’s success in school and in the society. Receptive skills and expressive skills need comprehensive development. Ages between 3 and 9 are the times when a child’s brain development happen the most. Imparting necessary skills during the time would result in life long benefits. At Sparkling Stars, expert training is given to children in developing these skills through methods such as eliciting conversations, valuating and improving responses, teaching complex grammar forms in the simplest of ways, interative presentations etc. Children are also taught to develop their multi-lingual skills, which will benefit them in advancing through the modern world.

Uninhibited Learning, Unbound Knowledge

Our method of education is comprised of five major learning strategies – experiential, holistic, artistic, rhythmic, and technological. These strategies are made possible through five stars of excellence of the school – creative and child friendly infrastructure; caring and safe environment; high-end learning strategies; fun activities and celebrations; and comprehensive child development.

The child is groomed not just in academics, but also in various other fortes of life. Apart from giving the students all modern learning and leisure-time facilities that are required, we make sure that constant innovation happens in our teaching practices as well. Right from space design and furniture selection to educational aids and curriculum, we ensure that there is room for flexibility and constant innovation.

To make activities more engaging for the kids, our teachers come up with novel ideas of teaching and ways to implement them. The classroom your kids see and experience today might not be what they see tomorrow. The settings change, interactive learning methods are in place, fun activities and games are going on; every day will be a refreshing adventure for your child. Every day will be a reason for pride for you, seeing your child grow in skills and knowledge.

A Sparkling Alliance

Learning is fun when equipped with the right methodology. At Sparkling Stars, we curate the best possible experience for every student to provide a holistic growth and inculcate the value of education. Get to know our learning partners.


Together Done, More Fun

The integration of learning and leisure activities hold a prominent space at Sparkling Stars. Various clubs are formed within the school where kids can get to know, practice, and excel in various activities that they are interested in. Bet it art, craft, communication, cooking, various sports or any other hobby, the school gives ample support and encouragement to students in the proper development of their talents. Small competitions are held within the clubs which will aid students in being more confident while facing their peers and the society.