Levels of Learning


Smiling kids, our shiny stars

The ambience and atmosphere where learning activities take place plays a huge part in imbibing the concepts and knowledge, for students. Sparkling Stars has designed each classroom to cater to the particular age group. Freedom of space and movements, unique designs, vibrant ambience, and ample ventilation are the key factors which determined the classroom designs. The furniture is customized to be arranged in any which way possible in the lower grades to facilitate the easy functioning of various learning activities


The youngest of our learners constitute the nursery. At this age, children slowly start to make memories and learn the secrets of daily lives. Through various activities and games, teachers train the children to understand the world around them and develop the basics of learning. The activities include storytelling, music, painting, language development among various others. The innate levels of curiosity in the children make them explore and grow by themselves. Sparkling Stars provides the right ambience and facilities for this.



The Kindergarten program at Sparkling Stars is designed to enable children to develop skills that will make later schooling easy for them. A comprehensive learning structure is provided whereby students can grasp and explore the basic concepts and subject divisions. The curriculum ensures that children reach their maximum potential, with the aid of various learning tools and activities. Continuous guidance happens from the side of the teachers and parental involvement is ensured as well in facilitating the right kind of learning for the child.

Class 1-6

For students from Classes 1-6, Sparkling Stars provides quality, engaging education based on the curriculum set by our own experts and various learning partners. Personal growth of the kids is given equal importance as their academics, at this stage. They are encouraged to ask questions and trained to explore the answer by themselves, with teachers providing necessary guidance. This will bring about confidence in the students to address challenges in life and seek apt solutions. Fitness activities and games, which are integrated to the curriculum, will aid in their physical development. By the end of each academic year, the children will be capable to take on the next steps in education and strive towards excellence.